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Academician Liu Shenggang


On September 28th, the 41st "International Infrared Millimeter Wave-THz Conference (IRMMW-THz)" was held in Copenhagen. He was a professor at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and an expert of Guangdong Academician (HuaXun Ark). The chief academician of the workstation and the academician of the Shenzhen Institute of Science and Technology Innovation, Liu Shenggang, received the highest award in the field, the "2016 Exceptional Service Award Winner Announced" by the International Infrared Millimeter Wave THz Society. Its outstanding achievements and outstanding contributions in the field.


It is understood that the "Outstanding Contribution Award" is extremely demanding on the winners. Only the "KJButton" in this field has been awarded, and the "International Infrared Millimeter Wave-THz Conference (IRMMW-THz)" has been presided over. The scientists of the IOC member of the association will be nominated for this and will eventually be elected by the committee by secret ballot. Academician Liu Shenggang won the award and became the third person to win the award internationally and the first person in China.


  The KJ Button Medal and Prize, a prerequisite for the Outstanding Contribution Award in this field, is awarded only one outstanding scientist who made an original contribution in the field of infrared millimeter wave-terahertz. The term "Nobel Prize" is called.


  Academician Liu Shenggang


  Academician Liu Shenggang was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (member of the Faculty) in 1980. He used to be the president of the University of Electronic Science and Technology. He is currently the earliest and most authoritative director of the Taichz Science Collaborative Innovation Center in China. He is the nominee of the Nobel Prize in Physics. Liu Shenggang is a member of the American Academy of Electromagnetics, IEEE  FELLOW He is also the chief academician of the Guangdong Provincial Academician Expert Enterprise (HuaXun Ark) Workstation and the Dean of Shenzhen Taihezi Science and Technology Innovation Research Institute.


  Academician Liu Shenggang is a pioneer in the field of infrared millimeter-wave-terahertz in China. He is an international and domestically recognized academic leader. He has made internationally recognized originality and ground-breaking work for the development of international, especially China's electronic science and technology. Made an outstanding contribution and played a major role in promoting. The award is a high recognition of the outstanding achievements and outstanding contributions of Academician Liu Shenggang in this field.


  Academician Liu Shenggang took the responsibility of revitalizing China as a mission, from the 270th Xiangshan Science Conference, a milestone in the development of terahertz, to the Shenzhen International Advanced Science and Technology Conference, which is recognized as the “Gorden Conference” in the field of terahertz, and then explored Established Shenzhen Taihezi Science and Technology Innovation Research Institute, which will transform the results of advanced research at home and abroad and the industrial incubation, and Academician Liu Shenggang will do his best for the development of science and technology in China.


  As the dean of Shenzhen Taihezi Science and Technology Innovation Research Institute, Academician Liu Shenggang made an indelible contribution to promoting the technology research and development and industrial development of Huaxun Ark.

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