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Core patent-driven innovation development-the 19th China Patent Award Huaxun Ark




Shenzhen News Network Baoan News(Reporter Zhong Manxiang Correspondent Bai Naiqiang) On December 13, the 19th China Patent Awards Conference hosted by the State Intellectual Property Office was held in Beijing National Convention Center. Huaxun Ark Group won two awards in the 19th China Patent Awards. Among them, the patent "a microwave frequency conversion circuit and microwave inverter" won the Chinese patent gold award, and the patent "three-dimensional holographic imaging security inspection system" won the Chinese patent. prize. At the same time, the China Patent Excellence Award-winning project “Millimeter Wave Human Body Security Instrument TAI-40-HP” was also invited to participate in the China Excellent Patent Achievement Exhibition.

The awards fully demonstrate that Huaxun Ark, with its strong R&D team, adheres to the concept of technological innovation and market-oriented, is based on spectrum resources, along the spectrum technology path of microwave, millimeter wave and terahertz. In-depth research and development and application, constantly innovating and growing at the source, realizing the transition from product discourse power to industry chain discourse power.

It is reported that the purpose of obtaining the Chinese patent gold award "a microwave frequency conversion circuit and microwave frequency converter" involves microwave technology in satellite communication, which solves the problem that the existing microwave frequency conversion circuit has large power loss line and the power amplification component is not uniform. . This patented product is a high-standard microwave inverter core device, which enables ordinary TV satellite receiving, ultra-high-definition TV satellite receiving, and two-way broadband data transmission using the same earth station. It is widely used in vehicles, shipborne and Various satellite communication scenarios, such as airborne, play an important role in ocean, emergency, high-speed mobile communications and military communications. The patented technology has reached the international advanced level, can accelerate the promotion of independent brands, break the monopoly of foreign technology, seize the first-mover advantage, and occupy the commanding heights in the field of microwave communication. At present, the patented product has entered the high-end market in Europe and the United States, and has enhanced the competitiveness of Chinese satellite products in the global market.

The award-winning patent "Security System for 3D Holographic Imaging" involves millimeter-wave 3D holographic radiation imaging technology in terahertz, which is currently used in a wide range of military and civilian applications for the detection of contraband, including airport security and customs security. Inspection, the current series of related products developed by this key technology to achieve mass production.

It is understood that the R&D team led by Dr. Qi Chunchao, the chief scientist of the Ark Hertz Group, has completed T/R transceiver modules, switches and antenna arrays, mechanical scanning and design, and 3D holography in system equipment after more than two years of research and development. The key technologies of imaging software, deep learning and detection dual-mode software in artificial intelligence, and system integration software.

Since its establishment, Huaxun Ark Group has been adhering to the innovation-driven development strategy, focusing on spectrum resources, and conducting in-depth R&D and application along the spectrum technology path of microwave, millimeter wave and terahertz, in the field of microwave and millimeter wave applications. It has a complete satellite communication system solution in Ku/Ka frequency band and its market share is among the best. The launch of “Tianshu Action” is making full efforts to build a Ka satellite network covering “One Belt and One Road”; in the field of terahertz applications. It is the first in the world to achieve terahertz sources in three ways and to create corresponding products, leading the development of terahertz security, spectroscopy, communications, medical, and even refusal of weapons.

The innovation mission of Huaxun Ark Group has achieved the current achievements, but without core patents, innovation cannot be sustained. It can be said that the patent is the driving force for the innovation of Huaxun Ark Group, and the possession of core patents makes Huaxun Ark become the industry. The front runners have achieved an asymmetric strategy to catch up. The company has been selected into the global satellite competitiveness TOP10 company for many years and has successfully entered the top 500 private enterprises in China. At present, Huaxun Group has applied for more than 660 domestic and foreign patents, including 310 domestic inventions, 18 foreign patents, more than 140 PCT applications, and 187 granted patents. In the field of terahertz and satellite communications, 503 domestic and foreign patents have been applied, including 228 domestic inventions, 18 foreign patents, 104 PCT applications, and 135 authorized patents. The number of patent applications is among the highest in the country and the world. In the future, Huaxun Ark Group will continue to adhere to the core patent-driven innovation and development strategy, accelerate the development of terahertz industry standards, combine standards and patents, and explore the patent operation model of “technology patent, patent standardization, and standard licensing”. Promote the construction of intellectual property in the field of terahertz and satellite communications and the healthy development of the industry in China, and contribute to the building of an innovative country.

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