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Huaxun successfully won the bid for milli wave human security instrument project



On December 13, Huaxun Ark Group successfully won the bid for the Zhuhai millimeter wave human body security instrument procurement project.

The project is based on the internationally advanced active cylindrical millimeter wave human body security instrument based on terahertz technology. It has dynamic 7-dimensional three-dimensional holographic 360. Stereoscopic imaging, wide range of inspection items, automatic identification of dangerous suspicious objects, no safety to human body. Harm, protect human privacy, and strong scalability. Products have been in Shenzhen Airport, Library, Gymnasium, International Marathon, Chinese Volleyball All-Star Game, Subway Station, Public Security Bureau Detention Center, Customs, Court, Xinjiang Kashgar Hotel, Khorgos Port, Inner Mongolia Hohichi, Xinjiang Detention Center, etc. Put into use. In order to meet the needs of security protection in various places, the active cylindrical millimeter wave human body security instrument independently researched and developed by Huaxun Ark is the core product, integrating the three-dimensional human-envelope intelligent security inspection channel system, X-ray safety inspection equipment, and human-certification verification gate. Products such as human verification terminal, dangerous liquid detector, Raman drug spectrometer, and vehicle inspection system form a complete pedestrian security inspection system solution, which is widely used in airports, public security law, rail transit, customs border defense, public activities, public places. And other fields.

The winning bid not only means that the terahertz technology team successfully obtained the project in accordance with the company's sales policy and through market behavior, but also broadened the application field of the active cylindrical millimeter wave human body security instrument and became the human body security inspection of important goods storage areas. The first case of the instrument case.

Sincerely trust customers, only work tirelessly. Huaxun Ark Group adheres to the mission of “promoting social prosperity and progress with excellent products and services”, seizes the transformation opportunities of the security market, and continuously improves prevention technology. Through business innovation, technology surpassing, professional manufacturing and service leadership, Global customers provide leading security system solutions that contribute to world peace!

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