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Huaxun expert application seminar was successfully held


On August 25th, China Public Safety Magazine, China International Police Equipment Expert Committee and Shenzhen Security Industry Association Expert Committee jointly organized by the Ministry of Public Security Equipment Finance Bureau expert library, Ministry of Public Security related business bureaus, subordinate research institutes, testing centers The expert group composed of leading experts from relevant departments of the provincial and municipal public security organs conducted professional discussions on the "millimeter wave human body security instrument" independently researched and developed by Huaxun Ark Headquarters. Zhao Shukai, president of the group, Ding Qing, vice president, assistant to the president, Fan Congming, head of the Xinjiang office, and Lu Gang, general manager of the Taihez security inspection department, and other group leaders attended the meeting and attended the meeting.

The experts from the meeting first came to Shenzhen Baoan International Airport to inspect the application of Huaxun Ark's “Millimeter Wave Human Body Security Instrument”. Lu Gang, general manager of the terahertz security inspection department, gave a detailed introduction to the performance, advantages and features of the active cylindrical millimeter wave human body security instrument. Experts have personally experienced this new security method. They said that this security device not only checks the accuracy, but also protects personal privacy. Compared with traditional metal doors and manual search methods, it is more civilized and efficient, and the accuracy of inspection and security of security are also improved. Higher, the site is highly recognized by Huaxun Ark's active cylindrical millimeter wave human body security instrument.


The staff of Baoan International Airport showed up and shared the use of Huaxun Ark's active cylindrical millimeter wave human body security instrument. She said that this human body security instrument has greatly assisted the security inspection work of Baoan Airport, and has obvious technical advantages compared with the traditional security inspection instrument, which provides a strong guarantee for the security of the airport.

On the afternoon of the same day, the expert group came to the headquarters of Huaxun Ark. From the civil exhibition hall to the terahertz research laboratory, through the on-site explanation of Ding Qing, the vice president of the group, Huaxun Ark demonstrated the Huaxun style to the participating experts with strong development momentum and strong R&D guarantee.

At the beginning of the seminar, Zhao Shu, the president of the group, gave a welcome speech. He warmly welcomed the experts who attended the meeting and sincerely hoped that the experts would give more valuable insights to Huaxun Ark. Ding Qing, vice president of the group, gave a detailed introduction to the research and development of the “millimeter wave human body security instrument” and technical performance. At the meeting, he discussed the development of the industry and technical difficulties with the experts, focusing on the market application of the security instrument market. And detailed communication.



The chief expert of the police equipment expert database of the Ministry of Public Security, the former deputy director of the Equipment Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, and the senior engineer Tao Junsheng as the leader of the expert group not only presided over the overall situation in the meeting, but also put forward many valuable opinions to the security equipment of Huaxun Ark. Yang Jincai, president of China Public Security Magazine, president of Shenzhen Security Industry Association, explosion-proof security expert of the Ministry of Public Security, deputy director of the former Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Public Security, senior engineer Liu Xin and vice president of the Railway Police College Hu Chuanping more than 30 During the meeting, industry experts spoke freely about the market application and technical insights of the human body security instrument. The words contained the eager anticipation of Huaxun Ark's technological innovation and market integration.


Through a one-day investigation and communication, the expert group agreed that the millimeter wave human body security instrument developed by Huaxun Ark can be widely used in the security inspection field. The equipment image quality is excellent, stable and reliable, and the traffic capacity is strong, meeting the relevant national radiation safety requirements, and the overall technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.


The successful convening of the expert seminar of the Ark Group's millimeter wave human body security instrument is an important node and milestone of Huaxun Ark's technology. Huaxun Ark will continuously improve the performance of human body security equipment, provide more and better special equipment for the security field, and provide more powerful protection for the creation of a safe China and a harmonious society!

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